Creative Ways to Reward Your Donators

On March 9, 2015

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A t-shirt, a product, exclusive access at a concert. These are popular rewards for online fundraising campaigns that people give to those who donate to their cause. If you are one of those people who wants to make sure you give something to those who have helped you with your real estate dream, there are some creative ways to do it.
Feather The Nest is a registry site for real estate needs and although most donations are given as gifts on our site – who doesn’t like a reward?  Here are some ideas for how you can reward people who feather your nest.

Social Media Shout Out

Thank you for feathering our nest

Recognize your family and friends who gave to you your house registry with a social media shout-out. This way you can say a quick thank you and give a little recognition to your Aunt Sally as well. Feel free to use this image if you want to (download it). Maybe even a thank you video.

Name A Brick After Them

Fund your home brick by brick
You’ve probably seen this before in a community building project for a new rec center or memorial – donate and they will engrave your name on a brick and place it in their newly constructed building.

You could do this literally and write names on bricks in your new house or paved entry way. Another approach could be to create a custom print with a brick background (like this one on Etsy) and put all the donators names on it. Makes a nice piece to hang in the living room of your new home.

Special Status

unique wedding guest book

If you created a nest as your wedding registry, think about ways you might be able to give people who donated to your nest special status on your big day. One couple who registered for a house on Feather The Nest is going to have a separate guest book for those people who donating to their nest (See their nest). You could recognize donators in a toast or put them at special tables at the reception with.

Offer Your Services

At your service

One of our nestors is a photographer so he offered to take a free head shot of you if you gave a certain amount to his down payment fund. Is there a service that you can provide them in exchange for their donation?

Invite Them Over

house warming party
One of our nestors included a closing line in her nest description that she looks forward to cooking for her donators. You could throw a special house warming party after you buy your new house to show appreciation to those who helped you get there.

Photo credit: Instagram @Michelle_marie016

Note: Our site doesn’t have a formal rewards system in place, meaning if you include rewards in your nest description it is up to you to keep track of who gets what reward.

Do you have a creative idea for a reward? Share it with us in the comments below.