15 Awesome Ways To Save For A House

On November 24, 2014

Categories: Saving Tips

Saving for a house is hard.

It is a long road to saving for a house but you have to start somewhere. Here are 15 awesome ways to save money for a down payment – some big and some small but every penny counts.

Sell your Harley Davidson.

Harley Davidson_Snapseed

Make your own salad dressing.

make your own ranch dressing_Snapseed

Down size your phone.

Down Size your phone_Snapseed

Live in cramped quarters.

Live in cramped spaces

Put your money in a piggy bank.

piggy bank_Snapseed

Skip sushi.

cheap dinner_Snapseed

Bring your lunch.

Skip lunch

Make your own coffee.

Make your own coffee_Snapseed

Work, a lot.

save a lot_Snapseed

Eat soup for dinner.

chicken noodle soup for dinner_Snapseed

Resist shopping deals.

resist shopping deals

Remind yourself.

Remind yourself

Bring your own candy.

Bring your own candy

Set up a down payment fund.

house fund

On Feather The Nest you can start a down payment or home improvement nest for free.

Ask your family and friends for small donations.

how to ask for money

Every penny counts. You can even ask for donations in lieu of gifts.