5 Home Security Tips You Never Thought Of

On November 4, 2019

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We consider your homes to be our sanctuary. It’s a place of safety and security. Naturally, we want to maintain that security by increasing its protection for our sake and the people that we love. Here are some security home tips you never thought of.

  1. Limit places burglars can hide

Make sure that you trim bushes and trees that could be used for hiding or gain unseen entry through your windows. Shrubs should be trimmed back if they’re high enough to block the views of windows. Consider also lighting your property with motion-sensitive lights. Install these in the blind spots of homes, most the parts towards the side and the backyard. These areas don’t have a direct view from the streets and therefore easy access by thieves into your property.

  1. Never let it be known publicly that you’re not home

If you plan to go out of town for vacation or for work, don’t post it on social media or share it with too many people. Burglars are getting more and more cunning nowadays. They do their research for people they want to target and that includes monitoring their social media feed. They’re looking for opportunities to strike so don’t give them that. Go to the post office and hold your mails before you leave. You can also put a hold on your newspaper and magazine subscription so they don’t pile up outside your home. Another thing you can do is ask your neighbors to pick up mail from your mailbox or front porch.

  1. Install a home security system

A home security system is always a good idea if you want to increase the protection of your home. This includes spy cameras with or without a voice recorder, window and door sensor, and an alarm. And while all these things will stop a burglar from entering your home, the mere fact that you have a security system installed is enough to discourage any would-be attackers from targeting your home. Your system should be armed whenever you leave your house and allow for real-time monitoring so you know what goes on even when you’re away.

  1. Protect your windows

A high priority of protection is given to doors, but what about windows? In most break-ins, burglars gain entry through a window. To combat this, upgrade your windows to shatterproof glass. If that is out of the budget, then add a security film to all your windows to prevent the glass from shattering.

  1. Change your locks

The wise thing to do would be to change your locks every couple of years or change it the moment you move into your new home. You never know who has access to an extra set of keys to your home. If you went through a break-up, that’s also a sign that you need to change your locks. Give out extra keys only to the people you trust and never leave an extra key hidden near the door. At least give it to a neighbor or a friend for safekeeping.

This article was contributed by a FTN guest blogger, Evelyn Paulson:

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