5 things to do before house hunting

On July 7, 2016

Categories: Home/Real Estate, Mortgage/Financing

As a first time home buyer, house hunting for the first time is a major milestone. Although it is indeed an exciting process, it can become an overwhelming one once you begin to wrap your head around location, square footage, layout, and the most important of all, getting a mortgage. So before you get out there in search of your dream home, here are some tips to have in mind beforehand.

1. Hire a committed realtor:

Hiring a realtor, especially for your first home is crucial. A knowledgable realtor will be able to inform you on things such as upgrades and costs of home repairs. Have a friend or family member refer you a realtor that they have had good experiences with. A good realtor can save you a lot of time and money.


2. Have in mind the location/area you would like to move into:

Have in mind one or two areas you are sure that you are interested in. Do your research prior to looking at homes in that area. This will save you time and will narrow the amount of properties you will visit.

Street of large suburban homes on sunny day
Street of large suburban homes on sunny day


3. Budget, Budget, Budget

Have a budget in mind before you begin house hunting. This way you know what kind of a monthly payment you can afford. Having your budget sorted out can also help determine what you can spend on furnishing your new home as well as utilities and decor.

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4. Savings:

Make sure you have money saved for a downpayment, but make sure you dont break the bank and keep some savings for a rainy day. Owning a home can come with some unforeseen costs. Spend wisely.


5. Make your realtor aware of the deal breakers:

In the spirit of not wasting time. Let your realtor know ahead of time all of your desires as well as the deal breakers. Make sure you make a note of it so you aren’t expending time and energy on viewing potential homes that don’t fit the script.



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