5 things your guests really don’t care about

On October 7, 2016

Categories: Wedding Tips

Wedding planning is an extremely stressful time for the bride and groom. Planning your wedding day down to the last detail can be exhausting. We have compiled a list of things that you can stress a little less, because well, it is no where near as important to your guests as it is to you. So breathe easy…

1. Invitations: You might see it as the introduction to your wedding, but all your guests care about is when and where. A beautiful invitation is a beautiful invitation, regardless of the paper stock or other details. So don’t spend so much time on this minor detail. Remember, these end up in the trash quicker than you think.

2. Guestbook: The guestbook is more of a traditional item than anything else. We are in the digital age and trust us, you wont be remembering who attended your wedding by reading names off a guestbook. If you don’t want to do away with it entirely, then we suggest going the simple route. Your guests can care less for this wedding detail.

3. Linens: A table cloth is just that. Don’t get caught up or carried away choosing expensive linens┬áto adorn your tables. Choose a color that goes with your theme and run with it. No point on spending your hard earned money here!

4. Bouquet toss: Bouquet toss is a wedding tradition, but also somewhat of a burden. Lets face it, none of the “single ladies” are lined up to catch the bouquet, likely you have to force them to come up. Not to mention it interrupts the dancing fun! We say do away with it.

5. Wedding favors: If you opt for novelty items as favors (soaps, candles, frames) you’ll be disappointed to see how many are left behind on tables. We say, don’t expend so much energy and $$ on the favors. If you must, go with something edible that your guests can enjoy right then and there. Don’t say we didn’t warn you on this one!

Take it from us, instead of spending so much time on these details, we say focus on what matters most. The ceremony, the food, drinks, and the music. These are the things that ultimately you and your guests will cherish forever.