On April 17, 2020

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Modern technology has certainly gone a long way in offering homeowners different options for roofing material. Now, we have materials made for different environments, climates, and aesthetics. They also vary in cost, durability, and longevity. Below are the 7 types of roof materials homeowners can choose for their homes.

  1. Solar Tiles

If you want to go green and help curb the impact of energy consumption on the environment, then solar tiles are your best options. Advanced solar collectors are now available that seamlessly integrate into existing shingles and can generate up to a kilowatt of power per 100 square feet. They are especially ideal for homes located in sunny regions of the world. However, the cost-saving from solar tiles are offset by the cost of the system along with installation.

  1. Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common type of roofing materials because they are effective in all kinds of environmental conditions. The quality of asphalt shingles will vary, however, so it’s important to ask whether a particular product passed various wind tests and durability tests. Cost for asphalt shingles is also significantly lower than other roofing materials but you should factor in replacement into your roofing estimates since asphalt shingles will need to be replaced in 20 years.

  1. Metal Roof

Metal roofing offers the most versatility since it can be made to look like slate, tile, and shake. It also lasts longer than all other roofing materials. It’s great at sloughing off snow and rain and is also fire-resistant. It is lightweight so it can be installed over existing roofs. The downside is the noise level during rainstorms. Metal roofing is also prone to dents during hail storms. The average cost of this type of roofing material ranges between $5 and $12 per square foot.

  1. Stone-coated Steel

A stone-coated steel roof is a great alternative to aluminum or standard steel roof. Its biggest draw is its distinct and versatile look. They can be made to resemble slate or clay roofs. The material is also lightweight compared to asphalt and tile which makes it easy to install and won’t require any additional structural support. Stone-coated steel roofs are quite durable as well and can withstand extreme weather conditions and fluctuations in temperatures. It is an especially favored roof material for windy places since stone-coated steel stands up well to high winds.

  1. Slate

Slate has a long history of being a reliable and durable roofing option. It can last for a very long time with minimal maintenance needed. Homeowners are immediately drawn to this roofing material because of its natural look. It’s a preferred choice for big houses and mansions who try to emulate a classy and sophisticated look. Slate is also well-known for its fireproofing capabilities. And because slate lasts longer than most roofing material, they are great for the environment since they don’t need to be replaced as often. Slate’s main drawback is its high cost and difficulty in installing.

  1. Clay and Concrete Tiles

If durability is high on the roofing estimates, then homeowners might want to consider clay and concrete tiles. These stand up to even the most extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, tornadoes or winds up to 125 miles per hour. They are great for warm and dry climates but their downside is they need extra support as this type of roofing material is quite heavy. They are also prone to breaking when walked on so extra care should be done during regular roof maintenance.

  1. Built-up Roof

This roofing option consists of layers of tar, asphalt, or adhesive topped with an aggregate. A built-up roof is the best option for a flat roof and is best for roof decks with heavy foot traffic, especially tar and gravel roofs. This type of roofing material might get sticky during the summer and can be difficult to shovel snow off compared to smooth surfaces. A built-up roof is estimated to last between 20 to 25 years.

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