Crowdfund your down payment

On September 8, 2014

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down payment funding
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Saving enough for a down payment on a house can be difficult, but Feather The Nest can help you fund your down payment through the generosity of your friends and family.

In lieu of receiving gifts for an upcoming wedding, baby shower, birthday or even Christmas – use Feather The Nest to ask your friends and family for donations toward a gift that will have long lasting value for you – a home.

Follow these steps:

1. Tell your story.
Start a nest by signing up for Feather The Nest and filling out the short Start A Nest form to tell your friends and family what and why you are raising money.


2. Share.
Send your nest link to family and friends via email, social media, even post on your wedding website.


3. Collect donations.
Donations can be made using major credit cards right on your nest page.


4. Cash out.
Cash out when you are ready to put your feathers (money) to use.

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