Do’s and Don’ts

On October 21, 2016

Categories: Wedding Tips

Many of us are still following the old and very out-dated wedding traditions. Worry not, we are here to help straighten things out.

The Wedding registry: The traditional registry consisted of household items and kitchen appliances, but that has changed since couples are getting married older and most likely have already been living with each other for some time. That is why gifting cash or donating to your couples nest is much more popular these days. Nothing wrong with a little cash!

Ditch the phone: Yes post pics, but don’t be glued to your iphone all night! Get out there and celebrate the bride and groom. Its their wedding day after all and they worked long and hard for you to have a good time.

DO use the suggested Wedding Hashtag– [JonesForeverUnion]- the hashtag is a fantastic and interactive way to bundle up all of your guests snaps the day of. Whether it be on Instagram or Twitter, guests should post with the suggested hashtag.

Financing the big day– Having the brides family pay for the entire nuptials, is in  fact a tradition of the past for a lot of couples. Weddings can run you up to 40k if not more, it is not ludicrous to have costs split up between yourselves and both families.

Invitees: Since your parents are probably not paying for the entire wedding, you are not obligated to invite their entire address book. Sorry mom and dad, this day is about us, not you!