Here Comes the Bride (and Groom)

On March 20, 2017

Categories: Wedding Tips

In many parts of the country June through October are the most popular times to tie the knot. Spring is here with summer and fall close behind. The wedding season is upon us and that means invitations will soon be mailed. Are you ready?

There is an entire list of to-dos and hopefully most have all been checked off by now. Of utmost importance, and something that often gets left undone until a few months prior to the big day, is the gift registry. Are you just starting off or are you fairly settled in the home you will be living in? Based upon where you stand with living arrangements will determine what should be on your list.  Perhaps you are starting from scratch and need to register for kitchen appliances, linens, furniture or maybe what you need the most is help funding a downpayment or home improvement.

Regardless of what is on your list, proper planning will help alleviate some stress as the wedding draws near. There are a variety of wedding registries available and easily accessible online so it is quite is easy to find one that fits your needs. Registering a few places is always a good idea providing your guests some options. There is a registry for just about anything and should you decide that what you need most is help funding a downpayment or home improvement, Feather The Nest is one click away.