Complete Guide To Throwing A New House Theme Bridal Shower

On August 28, 2014

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Buying a house together is a great way to start out your new life together as a married couple but it can be difficult to save enough for the hefty down payment. So when the question comes up from your mom’s friends, future mother-in-law or bridesmaids about wanting to throw you a wedding shower – why not suggest a new house themed bridal shower.

Friends and family could contribute online with donations instead of presents to help you and your hubby save for your down payment and at the shower itself you can have fun with some house themed games and decor. This is a great idea for a co-ed couples shower too!

So here are some tips on how to host a new house themed shower:


girlmeetslifeThe idea is to raise money for a down payment for the happy couple, so you need to create a page online where people can contribute.

The bride and groom-to-be should be involved in this part. They can set up a ‘nest’ page for free on Feather The Nest, which will allow people to donate to the down payment online easily.

After the nest is set up ask them for the link to the page so that you can include it on your printed or emailed invitations.

[TIP] If you are having a hard time finding house themed invites in the wedding shower section, try the house warming section.



Wording is key. This is where you will describe how to donate etc to guests. Some sample wording for your new house themed shower. Let’s pretend this shower is for Diane and Dustin…

A Bridal Shower for Diane and Dustin

Diane and Dustin are getting hitched! Let’s shower them so they can buy a new home without a glitch.
They’ve already got plates and towels, they just need place to put them!
Donate to help fund their down payment on a new house.
Please give a gift online that will help Diane and Dustin with their down payment for a new home.

Come ready to have some fun house themed crafting, enjoy good food and drinks, and of course, share great company.
Diane and Dustin are registered at Feather The Nest,

Decor and centerpieces

There are so many cute ideas for home themed decor.

Take some inspiration for the adorable Disney Pixar movie, UP, and make centerpieces that look like the house from the movie using mini-wood houses (check out this one from Michael’s) with multicolored balloons attached.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:


Sticking with the theme, make a play list of songs that have “house” in the title. Here are a few suggestions from  My Move.



What is a bridal shower without some games? Here are a few house-themed and only slightly cheesy games that you can play.

Shower Advice
Buy a white shower liner and some multi-colored Sharpie’s and ask your guests to take a minute at any point in the shower to write their advice for the future home owners on the shower curtain.
See example on The Happy House Wife’s blog.

Name that tool
As a future homeowner the bride and groom to be will need to know how to wield basic tools of course but find some obscure ones and make flash cards and see who can name that tool. For example a spud wrench or a shingle fro. Here is a good gallery of unique tools that you can use to make your flash card. Give bonus points if they can tell you what to use it for.

Play interior decorator
One of the most fun things about a new house is decorating it! So let the guests each come up with some decor ideas for the couples new house. Buy some blank poster boards and a few house magazines like House Beautiful, Dwell, Better Homes and Gardens etc.

Let each table cut out pictures from the magazine and assemble on the poster board to create rooms that the bride and groom to be would love! Assign a different room to each table or group of guests and the happy couple will have all kinds of decorating ideas to put to use in their new home.


We think favors that you can eat are the best kind, so why not send your guests off with a chocolate shaped key.

Photo credit: Cool Party Favors
Photo credit: Cool Party Favors


If you are going all-in on the UP theme then check out this UP Balloon house favor box DIY on Etsy


The Cake

The UP theme can be brought in again here with cupcakes. up themed cake


See more ideas for this shower on our New House Themed Bridal Shower Pinterest board!

Are you having a new house themed shower? Share your pictures with us!!