How To: Write A Donation Seeking Email

On November 5, 2014

Categories: How To- Feather The Nest

An important part of raising funds for your real estate project is reaching out to family and friends by email.

Not sure where to start? Here is a sample letter that you can email to your family and friends to ask for donations. We have included personalization suggestions for you!



It’s my 

  • birthday
  • Christmas
  • graduation
  • other occasion

soon and what I want more than anything this year is to make my dream of 

  • home ownership
  • buying a my own home
  • renovating my house

a reality. I have started a fundraising page on Feather The Nest to raise money for my goal. Please consider donating to my fund in lieu of gifts this year – any amount would be greatly appreciated. 

Visit my nest at [insert your nest link]

  • Not sure where to find the link to your nest? Find out how to get it here.

Thank you,

[Your name]