Mommy Mafia Review Of Feather The Nest

On July 18, 2014

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Feather The Nest – Your Dream Home Gift Registry

Mommy Mafia reviews Feather The Nest.

You’re excited. You’re pregnant with your second baby and someone asks, “Where are you registered?”

You stop. You think to yourself, “Registered? But we don’t need another diaper bag. What we really need is new tile for the Baby’s room!”  But how in the world do you ask friends and family for new tile flooring?

Miami-based Feather The Nest has the perfect solution. Feather the Nest allows you to create an online gift registry that could add real financial value to your home that will appreciate in time rather than end up in a garage sale or end up collecting dust.

With their simple, online form, you tell everyone what your “nest” dream is. Maybe it’s new tile flooring, maybe new paint, or assistance with a down payment towards a first home. Then you can add pictures, videos and plans and you can share with everyone via your own social networks like Facebook and Twitter and watch your nest grow as the feathers collect.

From Feather the Nest’s CEO Lindsay Oparowski: “I am a mom of two daughters, Abby (2) and Taylor (4 mo) and CEO of Feather The Nest. When I was pregnant with my second daughter Taylor my family and friends would ask me “what do you need for the baby?” I didn’t know how to answer because I really didn’t NEED any baby gear but I did need some money to put towards some small home renovations so that Taylor could have her own room. That is why Feather The Nest was originated – to give people a place where they could ask for money for their home and design projects in a way that was easy for family and friends to donate to. ”