Questions to ask before buying a home

On September 22, 2016


Buying a home can be an exciting, yet nerve wrecking time. Here are some important questions you might want answered before purchasing your potential dream home.

Street of large suburban homes on sunny day


1. Check for registered sex offenders: This is not something most people think to ask, but we think it’s important especially if you have kids. You might not want to live 2 doors down from a registered offender. Luckily there are free resources online where you can check. is free and very detailed.

2. Nearby School rankings: This is also important when you have a family. When buying the home of your dreams, you might want to make sure there are good schools in your area. And even if you don’t have or plan on having kids, the quality of schools in your area affect your homes value. ia a great resource for this information.

3. Is it a noisy or quiet neighborhood? The answer might be a deal breaker. We suggest driving by during the day and night as well as weekends. Make sure your future neighborhood is to your standards.

4. How old is the roof? This is something you might want to know before hand, to know how many years you have before having to renew. This  will be a pricy project, so depending on whether or not it will need some work you might want to adjust your offer.

5. Are there infestations of termites or other pests? This should be disclosed but just in case you might want to know, to make sure the problem has been completely solved.

6. Has there ever been a mold inspection conducted? This is important because mold can be a health hazard causing an array of health problems, from itchy eyes to permanent lung damage.

Happy house hunting!