Redecorating on a budget

On April 15, 2016

Categories: Home Improvement, Inspiration

Here are some tips and tricks for sprucing up the home without having to break the bank!

1. Lighting, Lighting, Lighting: Adding LED track lights under the kitchen counter is a cheap and easy way to give the room a modern and vibrant look. LED light strip sets can be purchased in IKEA for as low as $20!


2. Mirror mirror on the wall: An oversized corner mirror is a great way to make a smaller sized room appear bigger. This oversized mirror can be purchased at Lowes for $78.


3. Doors: Changing your plain white hollow core door to a faux wood paneled door can make a world of difference, and it can be done for as low as $12!


4. Accent Wall: An accent wall is a glamorous way to transform your bathroom or living room wall. Choose a smaller sized wall as the accent to not go over budget. This style tile can be purchased at Lowes for $11.98/slab.

accent wall

5. Curtains: Decorative curtains serve as an accent for any window or door. These window panel curtains can be purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond for $58.



Happy Decorating!