Secrets To Successfully Funding Your Nest

On October 14, 2014

Categories: How To- Feather The Nest

So you have started your nest and are on your way to crowd funding your home improvement or down payment. Now it is time to raise some money! Here are some secrets to successfully funding your nest.


Tell your story.

Your family and friends are more likely to donate to your cause if you tell them what you are raising money for in specific detail.

If you are raising money for your down payment, describe what buying a house will mean for you, where you would like to live even your dream style house.

If you are raising money for a home improvement, include links to a Pinterest board with ideas of what you want the house to look like after the improvement. Visuals will help people connect with your need and be more likely to give.

Couple it with an occasion.

Birthday, graduation, even Christmas are all occasions that you usually receive presents from your family and friends so in lieu of presents, ask them to fund your nest.

Sending out the link to your nest a few weeks in advance of the occasion with a note that lets your family and friends know why you have chosen this route instead of traditional gifts for your occasion.

Wedding and baby showers are another occasion that you can use to raise money for your nest. If someone offers to throw you a shower, suggest that it be themed in a way that will allow guests to give to your nests. Check out our guide to throwing a “new house” themed shower >


Tell your family and friends about it, before you send them the money request.

Email and social media are great ways to connect, but we find it helps when you are asking for something important – like a donation – it is helpful to talk to you family and friends about it person. Doesn’t have to be formal, but when family and friends ask what’s new tell them about your nest so they aren’t surprised when you email them and ask them for a donation.


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