The Latest in Nontraditional Registries

On July 7, 2014

Categories: Wedding Tips

The popularity of nontraditional gift registries is on the rise as couples begin to look for options that don’t include a new set of knives and towels. With the average marrying age in the United States at a historic high, many couples by the time they marry have already accumulated all the household items they need for their home. For this reason, many modern couples have shied away from creating traditional department store registries and instead have opted for new, online registries that expand their options.

nontraditional registries

The newest nontraditional registry to launch is Feather the Nest, which allows people to register for contributions toward real estate-related goals or home improvement projects. Feather the Nest can be used to register from anything from down payments, closing costs and security deposits to remodeling projects, among many other housing objectives. Rather than registering for items that might end up going unused and taking up space, Feather the Nest allows couples to register for funds that can truly have a beneficial impact in their lives.

Feather the Nest users can register for their dream nest by filling out a form detailing their wish, adding pictures or videos telling their story, and then sharing their financial goal needed to accomplish their project. After creating a registry on the website, it can then be easily shared via social media platforms. Friends and family will love gifting their loved ones with something that they will truly value.

Whether a nest is for remodeling a kitchen or for helping a couple become first-time homebuyers, contributing to a nest is simple and hassle free. Funds are immediate sent to the nest creator’s account. Gone are the days of spending hours at a store registering for gifts. Feather the Nest brings the gift registry process into the 21st century with an original and enjoyable approach.