Wedding Etiquette: Asking For Money

On September 2, 2014

Categories: Wedding Tips

It used to be considered by many to be a wedding etiquette no-no to ask for money directly from your wedding guests.

But traditional ideas on wedding registries seem to be changing as even etiquette guru Emily Post says

“Cash gifts are often just right for couples who have already established their households or are saving for something special.”

In today’s culture with people getting married later in life, some feel like the last thing they need is more “stuff”. So how do you let guests know that you prefer money instead of gifts?

Creative Gift Registries
There are many different kinds of gift registries that allow you to register for different kinds of presents. Honeymoon registries or down payment and home-improvement registries like Feather The Nest are good ways to ask for cash for these goals without the awkwardness.

Give Guests Options
Guests like some variety in gift options. Post the link to your down payment orĀ  honeymoon registry on your wedding website along with other traditional store registry options. This will give Aunt Susie an option for shopping in-store if she prefers not to give cash.