Wedding Planning – The Reception

On March 13, 2017

Categories: Wedding Tips

The date is set, church secured, wedding party confirmed, honeymoon planned. The only thing you haven’t agreed upon is the reception venue. Budget is tight, so making room for venue security deposits, food and beverage for your closest family and friends, flowers, etc. is stressing you and your fiancé out. We have a solution for you! How about a Backyard Reception?

Planning a backyard reception (your backyard, a family members or friends backyard) opens up endless (and cost-saving) possibilities. You can make it as casual or elegant as you want. Your guests will be welcomed into an intimate space that is uniquely you. There are countless ways to transform your backyard into the perfect place to host your reception. You have control over all the costs (DJ, catering, bar, etc.) so you can easily track your budget and expand or cut back. Tons of great ideas are available – ask around, browse through bridal magazines and just google “backyard reception ideas” and the hits are endless.

Planning your own backyard reception can be lots of fun. Enjoy!