Wedding planning tips you’ll thank us for!

On April 22, 2016

Categories: Inspiration, Wedding Tips

All brides are stressed in the days leading to THE day. We’re here to make things a little easier on you. Here are some tips that your wedding planner/best friend probably forgot┬áto mention.

1. Pack for your honeymoon before the big day! Even if your flight is one or two days after the wedding. That way, you can enter full relaxation mode following the reception. You’re going to need it after all those months party planning.

2. Enlist your parents or someone from the bridal party as the gift bearer. The last thing you and your hubby will want to do is load up gifts in the car on your big day. Delegate the task to someone beforehand. That way the bride and groom can make a smooth getaway.

3. Have the┬ámaid of honor or mother of the bride bring over breakfast the day of. It will be the last thing on your mind but, you don’t want to feel queasy standing at the altar because you’re on an empty stomach!

4. Make sure you break in your ceremony and reception shoes! Yes, you want them crisp and clean for the big day, but every woman knows… new shoes equal blisters. OUCH!

5. Hand over your phone to one of your brides maids on the big day. You will not want to be bothered by guests asking for directions or anything for that matter. Have one of your girls answer your calls/texts.

You’ll thank us later!