Jun 17, 2020 by Feather The Nest

Our homes speak volumes about us. How it’s decorated, the furniture we choose to put in, and even how everything is organized is a reflection on the people who live inside it. It’s therefore important that we strive to make it as appealing and fresh as possible. Achieving this would mean redecorating every now and… Keep Reading →


Apr 17, 2020 by Feather The Nest

Modern technology has certainly gone a long way in offering homeowners different options for roofing material. Now, we have materials made for different environments, climates, and aesthetics. They also vary in cost, durability, and longevity. Below are the 7 types of roof materials homeowners can choose for their homes. Solar Tiles If you want to… Keep Reading →

The Keys to Buying a Home

Mar 27, 2017 by Feather The Nest

Are you searching for your first home and not sure how to begin? It’s always a time saver when you can narrow the scope of what you are looking for in regards to style, location and price. Style is subjective so this is easy to nail down – Perhaps you prefer the architecture and durability of an… Keep Reading →

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Here Comes the Bride (and Groom)

Mar 20, 2017 by Feather The Nest

In many parts of the country June through October are the most popular times to tie the knot. Spring is here with summer and fall close behind. The wedding season is upon us and that means invitations will soon be mailed. Are you ready? There is an entire list of to-dos and hopefully most have all been… Keep Reading →

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Wedding Planning – The Reception

Mar 13, 2017 by Feather The Nest

The date is set, church secured, wedding party confirmed, honeymoon planned. The only thing you haven’t agreed upon is the reception venue. Budget is tight, so making room for venue security deposits, food and beverage for your closest family and friends, flowers, etc. is stressing you and your fiancé out. We have a solution for you! How about… Keep Reading →

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