Graduates, Register For An Apartment

Apr 10, 2015 by Feather The Nest

Graduation is around the corner and whether you are graduating from high school or college, chances are your family and friends are going to get you a gift for graduation. The standard greeting card with a check inside or a fifty dollar handshake from Uncle Bruce at your graduation party is old-school. Now there are… Keep Reading →

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Trend Spotting: The New Home Owner Photo Shoot

Mar 18, 2015 by Feather The Nest

Buying your first home is a big deal. For other milestones of this caliber in our lives we often hire a professional photographer to capture moments of the event – wedding, new baby, even annual family photos for a Christmas Card get their own photo sessions for some. So its not surprising that the newest… Keep Reading →

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8 Best Instagram Hashtags for Real Estate

Feb 26, 2015 by Feather The Nest

Instagram is now bigger than Twitter and with the growth of this new social network there people are sharing their photos about their house hunting adventures, saving for a buying a home and using hashtags to increase awareness. Whether you are a real estate agent looking for hashtags to use to grow your business or just… Keep Reading →

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The Shiny Penny: Move-In Ready vs. Fixer Upper

Jan 21, 2015 by Feather The Nest

Anyone who has worked with me has heard my shiny penny analogy. Houses can often fall into two categories: shiny pennies or fixer uppers. Shiny pennies are updated, without visible flaws and staged to the nines, often with meticulously landscaped outdoor spaces. Buyers LOVE these homes. So when you see one of these homes and… Keep Reading →

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The Importance of Getting Pre-Approved

Dec 18, 2014 by Feather The Nest

The Importance of Getting Pre-Approved I cannot stress enough the importance of getting pre-approved! If you are talking to us, you should already be in contact with a lender (but if you’re not, we can refer you to some great ones!). In the Bay Area, for example, sellers do not seriously consider an offer if… Keep Reading →

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When Should I Hire a Real Estate Agent?

Nov 19, 2014 by Feather The Nest

When Should I Hire a Real Estate Agent? The quick answer: it’s never too early. BUT, you need to do something else first. Go talk to a financial planner or mortgage professional, because it’s extremely important for everyone to understand their purchasing power. If you have credit cards, student loans and a car lease, which… Keep Reading →

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Dating App For Finding A House

Nov 03, 2014 by Feather The Nest

Looking for a house but bored with the traditional search engines? Then you should check out Doorsteps Swipe. Doorsteps Swipe is an iPhone app that is modeled after dating apps like Tinder and uses housing listings to help buyers find a home. How does it work? When you enter you simply see a photo… Keep Reading →

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