Hottest Interior Design Trend: Vintage

Oct 27, 2014 by Feather The Nest

Google Trends recently sited “Vintage” as the hottest trend in interior design. In fact Google Search data shows there’s more interest in “vintage” and “antique” than any other styles in the furniture category. So, what is “vintage” exactly? Vintage doesn’t necessarily have to be something old, it can also be something new that is unique… Keep Reading →

4 Signs You Are Ready To Buy A House

Oct 20, 2014 by Feather The Nest

You are sick of renting. Your landlord won’t fix anything. You can’t paint the walls or hang pictures in fear that you won’t get your security deposit back. And you want something you can call your own instead of throwing your money away every month on rent. You have started saving. Saving for a down… Keep Reading →

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Spiderman. Elsa and Anna. Probably a zombie or two. Soon groups of costumed kids will be knocking on your door and when you swing it open they will shout, “Trick-or-treat!” Are your ready? Is your house? Here are some must-do’s before Halloween. 1. Check the date and time. Some towns host trick-or-treating on a different… Keep Reading →

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Custom Watercolor of Your New Home

Sep 10, 2014 by Feather The Nest

A candle? A bottle of wine? Stumped on what to give as a house warming gift? Look no further. Tim Reidy, a Pittsburgh based architect, will paint a beautiful watercolor of the new home for you. He learned to sketch by hand and practiced watercolor painting everywhere from Indiana to Rome, Italy. He will paint… Keep Reading →