Here Comes the Bride (and Groom)

Mar 20, 2017 by Feather The Nest

In many parts of the country June through October are the most popular times to tie the knot. Spring is here with summer and fall close behind. The wedding season is upon us and that means invitations will soon be mailed. Are you ready? There is an entire list of to-dos and hopefully most have all been… Keep Reading →

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Wedding Planning – The Reception

Mar 13, 2017 by Feather The Nest

The date is set, church secured, wedding party confirmed, honeymoon planned. The only thing you haven’t agreed upon is the reception venue. Budget is tight, so making room for venue security deposits, food and beverage for your closest family and friends, flowers, etc. is stressing you and your fiancé out. We have a solution for you! How about… Keep Reading →

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Important questions to ask your wedding venue!

Jan 10, 2017 by Feather The Nest

Congratulations! You’re engaged and planning the wedding of your dreams. Your venue is quite possibly one of, if not the most significant factor in wedding planning. Whether your venue is already set in stone or you are shopping around for the perfect location. Here is a supportive and necessary list of questions that you might… Keep Reading →

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Do’s and Don’ts

Oct 21, 2016 by Feather The Nest

Many of us are still following the old and very out-dated wedding traditions. Worry not, we are here to help straighten things out. The Wedding registry: The traditional registry consisted of household items and kitchen appliances, but that has changed since couples are getting married older and most likely have already been living with each… Keep Reading →

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5 things your guests really don’t care about

Oct 07, 2016 by Feather The Nest

Wedding planning is an extremely stressful time for the bride and groom. Planning your wedding day down to the last detail can be exhausting. We have compiled a list of things that you can stress a little less, because well, it is no where near as important to your guests as it is to you…. Keep Reading →

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Wedding Planning Timeline

Jul 21, 2016 by Feather The Nest

Charles Dickens once wrote,”It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Charles must have been in the middle of planning a wedding when he wrote this. Planning a wedding can be an exciting and precious time, but stressful nonetheless. Relax! We have created a wedding planning timeline for all of our procrastinating… Keep Reading →

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Ways to make your wedding interactive

Jun 21, 2016 by Feather The Nest

When thinking of your big day also have your guests in mind, after all they come bearing gifts!  We have compiled a few ideas on making your ceremony as interactive as possible. Create a Social Media Friendly environment: Seems like everyone is obsessing over Instagram and Snapchat these days. create your own hashtag (#Johnson2016) for your… Keep Reading →

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Modern Day Love and Marriage

Jun 08, 2016 by Feather The Nest

It’s no secret that marriage today is significantly different from the days our parents and parents, parents were wed, but most of use don’t realize the extent. Todd Schneider creator of Wedding crunchers, a search engine for the express purpose of analyzing NYT wedding announcements, collected and published “yuppie nuptials”published an exploration of trends across 35 years…. Keep Reading →

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