Engaged Couple Makes Down Payment Top Priority

May 09, 2015 by Feather The Nest

In a recent article on down payment registries for weddings on real estate website Realtor.com, Feather The Nest user Daniel Barros shared his reasons for creating a down payment registry on our site.   Here is what Daniel shared in the article. Twenty-five-year-old Daniel Barros and his fiancée, Traci Whiting, 24, of Plano, TX, are getting married… Keep Reading →

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Graduates, Register For An Apartment

Apr 10, 2015 by Feather The Nest

Graduation is around the corner and whether you are graduating from high school or college, chances are your family and friends are going to get you a gift for graduation. The standard greeting card with a check inside or a fifty dollar handshake from Uncle Bruce at your graduation party is old-school. Now there are… Keep Reading →

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What I Wish I Had Registered For With Baby #2

Apr 03, 2015 by Feather The Nest

Second Baby #2 Registry: I’m Thinking Cash Over Stuff When you are pregnant with your first baby you don’t know what you need. So naturally I spent hours reading a million reviews on Amazon and made spreadsheets to compare types of car seats because the sheer amount of choices was totally overwhelming. I was fortunate… Keep Reading →

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Can I Use Gift Funds For A Mortgage?

Apr 02, 2015 by Feather The Nest

What are gift funds? Money that friends or family give that you use for your down payment. In the process of getting a mortgage, there are steps that all underwriters take to verify the source of the funds you are giving for your down payment. Are they all coming from one account? Have you saved… Keep Reading →

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How Does Feather The Nest Work?

Apr 01, 2015 by Feather The Nest

Question: How Does Feather The Nest work? Answer: You can create a FREE nest describing your real estate dream (ex. down payment, home improvement, furniture) and enter how much money you want to raise. Then they share it with family and friends. Loved ones can ‘feather the nest’ in any amount using their credit card…. Keep Reading →

Buying a home is a serious endeavor because you are tying yourself to a sizeable debt—a mortgage loan. A mortgage is a long-term financial commitment and a legally binding contract. In order to make the best mortgage choice you need to educate yourself to avoid “Mortgage Traps”. There are two main types of mortgages –… Keep Reading →

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Trend Spotting: The New Home Owner Photo Shoot

Mar 18, 2015 by Feather The Nest

Buying your first home is a big deal. For other milestones of this caliber in our lives we often hire a professional photographer to capture moments of the event – wedding, new baby, even annual family photos for a Christmas Card get their own photo sessions for some. So its not surprising that the newest… Keep Reading →

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