How Does Feather The Nest Work?

Apr 01, 2015 by Feather The Nest

Question: How Does Feather The Nest work? Answer: You can create a FREE nest describing your real estate dream (ex. down payment, home improvement, furniture) and enter how much money you want to raise. Then they share it with family and friends. Loved ones can ‘feather the nest’ in any amount using their credit card…. Keep Reading →

Buying a home is a serious endeavor because you are tying yourself to a sizeable debt—a mortgage loan. A mortgage is a long-term financial commitment and a legally binding contract. In order to make the best mortgage choice you need to educate yourself to avoid “Mortgage Traps”. There are two main types of mortgages –… Keep Reading →

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Trend Spotting: The New Home Owner Photo Shoot

Mar 18, 2015 by Feather The Nest

Buying your first home is a big deal. For other milestones of this caliber in our lives we often hire a professional photographer to capture moments of the event – wedding, new baby, even annual family photos for a Christmas Card get their own photo sessions for some. So its not surprising that the newest… Keep Reading →

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Hottest New Wedding Registry Trends

Mar 18, 2015 by Feather The Nest

In a recent article on In, Feather The Nest was named as one of the Hottest Wedding Registry Trends for 2015! They also named the hottest wedding gifts for this year which included a vintage bar cart, a limited release Italian glass pot, an Apple TV, KitchenAid mixer (no suprise there) and a grow… Keep Reading →

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Sample Nest Photos

Mar 17, 2015 by Feather The Nest

You want your nest looking it’s best so when friends and family visit they like what they see and are willing to donate to your real estate dream. The best photo is one of yourself. This will help donators identify that it’s your nest they are funding. But if you don’t have one of those,… Keep Reading →

Best Places To Share Your Nest

Mar 16, 2015 by Feather The Nest

Write a Private email to family and friends Compile an email list of your closest family and friends and write them a heart felt note outlining why you chose to register with Feather The Nest. Ask them to help you contribute to make your real estate dreams a reality. Not sure where to start? Here… Keep Reading →

Creative Ways to Reward Your Donators

Mar 09, 2015 by Feather The Nest

A t-shirt, a product, exclusive access at a concert. These are popular rewards for online fundraising campaigns that people give to those who donate to their cause. If you are one of those people who wants to make sure you give something to those who have helped you with your real estate dream, there are… Keep Reading →

8 Best Instagram Hashtags for Real Estate

Feb 26, 2015 by Feather The Nest

Instagram is now bigger than Twitter and with the growth of this new social network there people are sharing their photos about their house hunting adventures, saving for a buying a home and using hashtags to increase awareness. Whether you are a real estate agent looking for hashtags to use to grow your business or just… Keep Reading →

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