Apps to Actually Help Millennials Save Money

Feb 17, 2015 by Feather The Nest

Millennials aren’t doing a great job saving. According to Federal Reserve data, about half of Americans have not saved a single dime for retirement. And in a recent survey, only 68 percent of Americans said they’re spending less money than they make. According to Moody’s, the Millennial generation has a savings rate of negative 2 percent…. Keep Reading →

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Register For A House

Feb 10, 2015 by Feather The Nest

Create a free nest telling your friends and family about your dream home and how much you are looking to raise. Then post the link to your nest on your wedding website in your registry section so friends and family can feather your nest. When you receive a donations to your nest, you will receive… Keep Reading →

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Mike Kelly, a Keller Williams Real Estate agent in Sonoma County California, wrote an article on crowdsourcing your down payment featuring Feather The Nest. Thanks for the mention Mike! Your network is truly your net worth — and that maxim has never been more accurate than when it comes to Kickstarter or other crowd-funding efforts…. Keep Reading →

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The Shiny Penny: Move-In Ready vs. Fixer Upper

Jan 21, 2015 by Feather The Nest

Anyone who has worked with me has heard my shiny penny analogy. Houses can often fall into two categories: shiny pennies or fixer uppers. Shiny pennies are updated, without visible flaws and staged to the nines, often with meticulously landscaped outdoor spaces. Buyers LOVE these homes. So when you see one of these homes and… Keep Reading →

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8 Tips To Buy A Home Without Any Inviting Any Financial Stress Dreaming of owning a home without any debts? Don’t be discouraged because of the sky-high price of houses. Your dream is not impractical or absurd. You can buy a home without any mortgage. All you need is strong  determination, hard work, proper strategy… Keep Reading →

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The Importance of Getting Pre-Approved

Dec 18, 2014 by Feather The Nest

The Importance of Getting Pre-Approved I cannot stress enough the importance of getting pre-approved! If you are talking to us, you should already be in contact with a lender (but if you’re not, we can refer you to some great ones!). In the Bay Area, for example, sellers do not seriously consider an offer if… Keep Reading →

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At the holidays everyone is trying to think of the best, creative, thoughtful present to give the people they care about in their lives. And even though our family and friends have good intentions, they are sometimes the worst gift givers. The best way to get what you want for the holidays is to ASK… Keep Reading →

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Realty Times, a real estate news and advice publication, recently featured Feather The Nest in an article about crowd funding as a holiday present. Here is an excerpt from the article: “At the holidays, everyone is thinking of creative and meaningful gifts to give to their loved ones. You’re probably also fielding a number of… Keep Reading →

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