The Big Idea

Have a clear picture of the project you would love to build with the help of friends and loved ones?
This will make the next steps as easy as 123.

Start a Nest

Create your nest

Simply fill out the form here with details of your plans and upload pictures and videos. The more you show how beautiful and important your nest is to you, the more people will want to help you bring it to life. Remember everyone loves to laugh so extra points for having a sense of humor.

Make it fun to view your nest and people will visit more often.

Share your nest

Put all those hours spent on social media and email contact lists to work for you. Spread the word about your celebration and your plan to build more than a typical department store registry. That’s so last year. Now it’s all about Feather the Nest.

Watch the nests collect

Now it’s time to watch the fun. As nests collect you can begin your project as well as immediately show your appreciation to the people who responded. Post new info as the project develops and keep your connections updated for additional nests.

What are you waiting for?

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