1940's Farmhouse Dream

My Name is Anna and My Husband and I came across a battered and abused 1940s farmhouse that had seen one too many badly done renos and patch jobs over the years but we could see what was underneath and knew that we had to make it our forever home. Where we could raise our 3yr old and make all our memories at. Being a one income family we knew it would take a lot of hard work and sacrifice to try to make it happen .The house is made of all rough cut timbers and old pine floors, with old milled cedar siding but you'd never know it to see it now, all of this houses beauty and charter has been buried under siding and years neglect. It needs so much work and a lot we plan to do ourselves  but we just dont have enough funds to continue on with our dream to purchase and renovate . we need to replace the whole roof , new spetic system, new plumbing , and that's just the basics not including putting in a kitchen and bathroom. The whole house needs to be gutted so while we're working hard to be able pay for everything as we go and bring this house back to life. It's been hard to reach that goal,  I hope you can help us in bring this old house back to life and realize our dream.


Anna Moody

Jacksonville, Florida

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