1955 Kitchen Update

One thing I am always reluctant to do is ask for help. Our home is adequate but needs some fixing up.  I want to do this for my daughter (11) and son (7 months).  The house was built back in 1955 and is absolutely complete with all the lovely 1955 kitchen appliances, floors, cabinets, and wallpaper.  With my son on the brink of really being able to get around, I am really anxious to get some better functionality in this house... starting with the kitchen.  This is the place I spend lots of time as a mom that loves to cook healthy, homemade meals for my family.

As I mentioned before, we have spent the better part of 2013 and 2014 in transition.  I suffered a tremendous setback having lost my job and my business all in the same year.  We moved 8 times during that time living with friends, family, and hotels quickly wearing out our welcome everywhere we went.  The thing I missed the most about not having our own space was the quality time I spent with my daughter (an aspiring junior chef) engaging in our favorite pastime of baking and cooking in our very own cozy kitchen space.  Lots of memories were made there that unfortunately have also been lost in transition having lost all of our possessions (<em>another sad story</em>).   However,  no sad stories live here anymore:) We're excited about a new year and the end of this one finds us<strong> finally</strong> in our own space thanks to the help of others.

And speaking of the help of others... We need <strong>YOUR</strong> help!  I came across this website and thought I'd give it a try.  Through the awesome generosity of people like you, we may just be able to get this kitchen spruced up for the holidays.  New floors are first on the list.  The kitchen has really old linoleum floors that are peeling and dirty.  We would also like to replace the ORIGINAL stove and oven that barely heats up.

We are so grateful in advance for your help- Have a blessed and exceptional holiday!

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