1st home by Christmas

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1st home by Christmas

   God has an incredible home within reach for our family!  We've been saving up and are just a bit shy of our down payment goal! 

   We have been married now for 7 years this September, together for 16. We have a beautiful family that is growing! Our girls mean the world to us & we need a bit more space for them as we come up to the end of our lease at our current rental. Rent typically increases post lease 3-5%, ours is unfortunately jumping 30% in 60 days.  Lawrence & I are in the field of helping & serving others and have personally opened our home to house our family & ill parents over the past 3 years. We'd love to have a home that we can call our own, welcome friends and family over to visit, worship, eat, and just enjoy loving on others and helping them thrive in life's endeavors as well! 

  We're not typically comfortable asking for help, but are walking on faith, guidance and the gentle heart of our Lord and Savior that there's someone like you out there with an understanding heart! We can easily afford the monthly costs. However, the down payment has us stuck on the finish line. We are right there! Friends, family, co-workers, class warriors...Your blessing of any amount can help us get our growing family into a wonderful home that our little girls have fallen in love with! 

Warmest Regards,

Lawrence & Chelonda W.T.