Preserving Family Heritage: Help Us Restore my Late Grandparents' Home
My name is Robbie, and I'm reaching out to you with a heartfelt story. My partner Will and I are on a journey to purchase our very first home, a place that holds deep sentimental value—it's my late grandparents' home. Over the years, this cherished house has weathered the passage of time, and due to my grandparents' health and financial challenges in their later years, its condition has deteriorated.

Our mission is to rescue this house from further decline, preserving the memories and legacy it holds. We've set our sights on utilizing a 203k Mortgage to not only acquire the property but also to revitalize it into a place where we can build our future together—a forever home filled with love, laughter, and new beginnings.

However, we've come to a crossroads where the costs of necessary repairs are just beyond our current reach. The list of essential renovations includes a full kitchen overhaul with subfloor and floor joint improvements, addressing the subfloor in the bath area, installing new flooring throughout the house, upgrading the septic system to meet current codes, replacing windows, waterproofing and remediating the basement, repairing the roof, and adding and fixing gutters.

As we face this challenge, we are turning to our community for support. Your generosity could be the key to making our dream a reality. Your contribution, no matter how small, can go a long way in helping us secure my grandparents' home, restore its beauty, and turn it into a sanctuary for us and future generations.

We are immensely grateful for any assistance you can provide. Your kindness will not only impact our lives but will also help preserve a piece of history and create a haven filled with love, warmth, and cherished memories.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story, and for considering joining us on this meaningful journey. Your support means the world to us.

With gratitude,

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