1st year Fiasco...
June 8th 2021 we closed on our "Dream Home" exactly 1 month to the day of getting my Fillopean tubes repaired so that we can pursue having a baby. 2 weeks after we move in my boyfriend at the time proposed. We knew we would eventually get married, which was one of the main perks of our property, to have our wedding here. After a major surgery, moving, and planning our wedding we looked forward to the time after our wedding being the time of peace needed to bring a baby home. Fast-forward 5 months after moving in, we are a week after our honey moon. And we find some mold. At this point we thought it was a little bit, just remove the sheet rock and replace it, and should be fixed right?!?! WRONG! this is where the nightmare begins (ish). I will end up at the doctors several times over the next couple of months and realize that the 3 other times I ended up at the doctor previous to Nov of 2021 were all due to mold exposure. I'm asthmatic and have an autoimmune disease so it hit me hard. Once we removed the sheet rock in the kitchen we found the source of water damage, from the unsealed back door. We seal it replace the sheet rock is mold/water proof foam board, and that portion is done. Next my office.. I was finally to the point of decorating my office/spare bedroom, and I move my art box and there's more mold, and now everything in that rooms contaminated. The upstairs bathroom, I was cleaning and saw black stuff taking over the water supply line, this time it's black mold. We started to accumulate a ridiculous amount of "Dust", oh how I wish it was dust.. it's a different kind of mold.. we found out the guy who flipped our house lied on the disclosure, he knew about the mold problem and simply painted over it, the inspector that was recommended by our agent and, rather expensive, didn't even do a half ass job, he did a quarter ass job, on finding everything.. we have had a mold inspector come out, and our house is liveable, barely, and the items that need done before we can remediate are positive drainage from the cliff behind our house, all the insulation need removed and replaced because it's moldy due to being under insulated. New water lines need ran, and the total sum of the repairs that have been quoted are almost right at 200,000. Which is just barely more than the purchase price of the house. I've managed to get better after adding zyrtec to my daily meds, and saline wash everyday, however I still can't bring a baby home here. We've talked to 5 lawyers who won't take our case, not because we don't have one, but because they don't have the time necessary for our case


Vanessa Johnson

Loma Linda, MO

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