4400 Leslie St

We were lucky enough to find a brick home built in 1925 in the Russell Woods - Sullivan Area neighborhood in Detroit.  The home is amazing with a full basement and three full floors.  There are five bedrooms with four full bathrooms and one half bathroom on the first floor.  We have been told that the house was built for the Sidney Krandall family (jewelers by trade) and we know a pharmacist lived here for a number of years.  But the house is in neglect after being vacant and abandoned for at least 5 years.  Squatters did a lot of damage to the plumbing, heating and electrical.  We want to bring this gem back to the glory and elegance she once held.  Being on the corner and across from the park, 4400 Leslie St is a pillar to the neighborhood.  We are looking for assistance in getting the basics completed like PEX, new wiring and forced air installed as soon as possible and then go room by room with remodeling.  We would like to keep folks up to date on the progress as time goes by. 


Terry Bollman

Detroit, Michigan

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