A Dank & Dark Basement Renovation

My fiancee and I have just moved into a small condo in Central Abbotsford, she works at a bank and does not know that I am positing on this website. We purchased the unit for approximately $220,000, and knew that with its age there would be some things that we'd have to fix up ourselves. However the reason why I'm even posting this is that we are getting married next summer in August, and I would love to renovate our basement for her. She doesn't get a chance to have a lot of nice and fancy things, and I will come through for her. I do work full-time and am saving for this project myself, but anything and I mean ANYTHING from you lovely people would help. I have crowdfunded several campaigns and products on the internet, and know that crowdfunding alters and changes peoples lives for the better.

I'm utilizing any and all faucets that I can to raise money for this project, I would like to turn this 600ft space into a large study for her, as well as a small laundry room for her and our kitten "Odin" to use.

Thank you for your time,


Colton Potter


Colton Potter

Abbotsford, British Columbia

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