A Home for a Disabled Son and a Dying Dog

First of all, I want to thank you for coming to my site. I hope you will read our story. It will only take a moment of your time. I would like to purchase a home for my disabled son and his constant campion, Gracie. My son doesn't have much pleasure in life! He NEVER leaves the house. He is fearful of even stepping outside. I worry about him constantly. The landlady where we currently live does not allow him to come out of his room. She gets very upset if she comes over and he isn't in his room. He has never done anything to her. She just wants her way. The only condition we could get the house was if he stayed in his room. His disability is such that he cannot go outside. He has emotional problems. This is another reason we need to move, so we can get services for his emotional problems by having a student counselor visit our home and do sessions with him. This service is available in the town in which we wish to move, but not our current town. With my son's disabilities he is unable to travel to this town 45 miles away. And having a professional come to our home we could not afford. My son has very bad speech abilities. Once again he will not travel to the town 45 minutes away. And once again, the town we wish to move to has this service available. My son cannot even order pizza over the phone because no one would understand him! My son's only friend is his dog, Gracie. She is 11 years old. I took Gracie to the vet. She had been laying down too much and not moving. The Vet said she needed to be more active. The Vet said inactivity and being slightly overweight will kill her. The Vet said she needed much more exercise right away. We have no place for her to run in our current home! I swear to dog is all that keeps mmy son going. She needs a place to run and loose weight and get active again before we loose her. My son loves her so and she is his only salvation! We need this home so much! My son for counseling and speech therapy opportunites so much needed for him and available in the town where we wish to move. And for my dog his only salvation can run and play and not die. We can afford a payment on a home we already pay rent here for three years. We just need help with the downpayment. Can you help? We are pre-approved buyers. Please help.


Amanda Bell

Crawfordsville, Indiana

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