A Modest Home to Call Our Own

Friends and family, I'm looking to you for help in securing a home for Charlotte, Harper and myself. If you know us well, you know that our needs are simple. Whether we build a tiny house or purchase a home that is modest in size, we don't require much - simply a place to call our own, in a quiet location with some outdoor space for growing food and exploring what mother nature has to offer.

What you may not know, however, is that housing costs in Colorado are exponentially high! While I receive generous support from my ex-husband, and I'm just now starting to work full time, it simply isn't enough to pay rent as well as save for a down payment, along with paying for everything else life with children throws my way. Paying someone else's mortgage every month through my rent payment (I'll be honest and tell you I pay $1500/mo for a one bedroom!) seems silly to me, when that money could be going into a home of our own - something that will be stable for my little family for years to come.

I want to give my children that stablity, as well as a feeling of belonging. A sense that they always have a place to come back to, no matter what life throws their way. I want to feel settled, myself, and start to build a life - and, I believe, that starts at home. I need your help to get there.

My goal is to have enough saved for a down payment by May. The lease on our apartment is up in August, and the kids start the new school year that month as well, so I'd love to have us moved before that time. No amount is too small.


Elizabeth Ann Hord

Boulder, Colorado

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