A new nest for an old family
Hello! We are a middle age couple raising our sweet toddler grandson. We are also first-time home buyers. Our dream is to have our own home by the end of this year. We want the baby to have a stable and comfortable life with his own room and yard to play in. To be able to build a life and a future together with him would be wonderful. We are on the first step of becoming first-time homeowners, and we were unsure of the process and ended up in a whirlwind of house hunting and mortgage brokering. When we realized we were not prepared to move forward, we paused to evaluate and learn how to proceed. Our plan is to complete the first steps by July 2023 and then begin again. We are in West Georgia in a mostly rural area, but it is also a suburb of Atlanta. We are both from this locale and need to stay here due to careers and school. We are taking steps to get ready and are stable enough to continue with these plans. But, like many middle-class families, we have minimal funding to set aside after paying living expenses. When we stumbled across this crowdsourcing platform, we decided any little bit will help and it is worth setting up a profile. Thank you so much for your consideration and contributions,
Matthew and Kamaren


Kamaren Holland

Carrollton, GA

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