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Wow where do I start? Thank you for taking the time to read our story and hopefully it inspires you. The past few years have been really tough. I am doing this on my own with out my wife’s knowledge because I are trying to be a solution for my families challenges and I don’t want to get our hopes up again. My family has been homeless for the last year and although my wife and I both work, we are not able to break the cycle of loss we have had for the last few years. Before all of the craziness started, we both had amazing careers with a prominent furniture retailer in Houston. We were both store managers of two different locations. I happened to be the manager of the top store in the country! And my wife was the store manager of the fourth leading store in the country. Well long story short my happy time was cut short when we got a new regional manager who thought that “black people weren‘t natural leaders” and she decided that I wasn’t the right person for the top store for this company so she fired me. Guess that’s what “work at will state” means... I did file a complaint with the EEOC and was awarded two months salary but that did nothing for us because, well I had no job and no benefits and really nothing else. Believe it or not the regional manager tried to transfer my wife to my store (she is white) and my wife stood my her man and kinda told them that she couldn’t work for a company that was so blatantly racist so she went back to her former career in the veterinary field. It didn’t pay as well but she felt better for it and I knew then that she was DEFINATELY the one for me. I failed to mention that my wife was three months pregnant when all this went down. Unfornautely due to all of the stress and chaos we lost our daughter after the 6th month. It broke us...

A month after the “job change” my wife came home to our back door kicked in and ALL of our valuables were stolen because the apartment complex we lived in would not repair the back gate and some unscrupulous individuals took advantage of the situation; we were the victims. They stole everything of value even our dog Casey. That‘s right. They stole our dog. We stayed at the apartment for about two weeks with a broken back door because the complex would not repair the door despite countless contacts with them. Needless to say, we didn’t stay there after the burglary and moved to another complex a ways down the road in what we thought was a better situation.

I don’t want to jabber on but I can say that we have had our fair share of loss over the past few years including losing two babies, a few major health scares, the loss of all of our things of value including my great grandfathers watch, multiple car break-ins, and currently we are just trying to find a place we can call home. I have prayed and worked and worked and prayed to be the answer to someone’s prayers so that we can be blessed to be a blessing. I currently volunteer at a church cooking and I work for a merchant services company. My wife offers her time at an emergency veterinary ER. We just want a place we can call home where we can be part of a community that looks out for eachother. I would not trade the cross we bear with anyone but its been tough. We have an opportunity to move into a home that we LOVE in a better part of town but we need more money for the down payment. If you could find it in your heart to contribute to our nest, you would be a blessing that will change the direction of our lives and the lives of our child on the way. Thank you for your time and consideration. Be a blessing to someone today!


Parker Hudson

Houston, Texas

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