A Place to Start a New Family, and Re-connect With the Old One

We're getting married on June 17th and we would like to find a home to call our own.  We currently have a house, but it does not suit our future needs very well and selling it will most likely result in a loss of money.  It used to suit my needs well, but it is no longer a good option for us.  Most days of the week, she must commute long distances and has been forced to reduce the amount of time she gets to spend with her friends at running clubs.  Spending equal time with both sides of the family is difficult, as most of them do not live close to us currently.  Due to combining two households, we now have three active dogs running around a city lot; it is not big enough for the three of them.  A good portion of our stuff is still packed away in bins too, and it has become a source of constant frustration.

We want to relocate and find a home that is perfect for us now, and the future.  A place that allows us to spend time together and not commuting.  A place that allows us to easily connect with friends and family.  Somewhere that will allow us to easily accomodate a couple of children.

Finding all the things that we want in a home has been difficult.  One of those reasons is because of the down payment and closing costs needed to obtain a home.  At this point, if we found a home that we absolutely loved, we wouldn't be in a position to do the things necessary to obtain it.

Any help at all with obtaining our goal is greatly apprectiated.


Trevor Barkiewicz

Saginaw, Michigan

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