Aidan would like a home

Good Day Everyone,

My name Is DiAundra Forbish and I'm a single mother to my son 8 year old Aidan. Aidan and I have been living in a 1 bedroom apartment for the last 3 years and we have outgrown it. The reason is mainly due to Aidan having Cerebal Palsy. His wheelchair barely fits through the doors and I have two beds in a small bedroom. My dream is to own a home where Aidan can grow comfortably and I can dedicate a room specifically for him to have in-home therapy sessions. He is unable to use all of his equipment to help with weight  bearing and    I can afford a monthly mortgage but coming up with a down payment is my short-coming. My dream would be to give Aidan a celebration in his own home on his birthday December 2nd. Any donations will be accepted and appreciated. Thank you in advance


Diaundra Forbish

Chicago, Illinois

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