Audrie's First Home @ 55

I am an avid paper crafter, with a love for all things artsy and altered! I especially enjoy creating gifts for others, and sharing my artistic skills. My career is well-founded in technology, specifically on-line and cloud services, but as I head toward retirement I hope to transition to a paper crafting business. You can see some of my designs:

and here:

With that in mind, I am now working toward my first home project, I have never been a home owner before, but this will probably end up being my retirement home too since I'm starting so late in the game. I'm hoping to get something by my birthday (12/31), where I can dedicate a part of the space to my crafting and also teach online and in-person arts and crafts. Even more important that that, I am hoping to make a solid committment to my significant other, and to invite my love to join me there, to make it a real 'home'. This is all very exciting, and entails a lot for me! It's actually already a blessing though, as planning a peaceful place to retire and to continue my love for giving is such a positive motivation in my life!

Although I don't have much family left living, I have always lived a life full of giving and caring I considered it appropriate to join a community like Feather the Nest!

Thank you for your gift in advance! You motivate me!



Audrie Gordon

Seattle, Washington

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