Autism Family: Home Repair for the Riggins Crew:


If you know us, you know we struggle. We have two wonderful boys on the Autism Spectrum and a great little house to raise them in. Sadly, we spend our money on bills for the home and needs for the children, but have nothing left. The house is falling apart. We have ceiling sheetrock falling out. We have carpeting that needs to be replaced and some subflooring that needs to be replaced. We have windows that don't work. We have electrical outlets that don't work. We have plumbing issues including a garbage disposal and dishwasher that do not work. We have been scraping buy and struggling for quite awhile. Sadly, most of our money goes to paying for the medical needs of our children. We don't get social security disability for their needs. We both work full time and we are barely making ends meet. 

What do we need? Help. It is not our style to take handouts or beg for assistance, but we are looking at leaving the home and turning into renters, or getting help to repair this mess. We would love to stay in our little house. It is the only home our children have known. They have lived here all of their lives. However, we will have to look at letting our home go with no financial return in order to escape our money pit problem.

Please, help us stay in our home. If everybody gave just a little, we could stay here for a long time. Please help us fix our home for our family.


Joy Riggins

Bolivar, Missouri

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