Bee Swarm

Once upon a time, a woman and a dog moved into a house with personality. They soon noticed bumblebees also moved in to live under the front porch, so they named this house The Bee House.

Woman, dog and bees hoped that they all could live at The Bee House for quite some time, happily ever after. 

However, after only a very short time, the omens began to portent that this was not to be. The Queen informed the woman, dog and bees that she was selling this house, and that all would need to move out.

The woman and bees were sad. It hadn't been long since they'd moved in, and the woman wondered how she'd be able to afford to move again so soon. 

The dog didn't seem to care.

Woman, dog and bees all agreed that they needed to find a new home that was loved by friends, was not too far into the woods, and in which they could live happily ever after. For at least a while. The woman consulted the oracles, who recommended that the woman try to buy a house to best avoid the evil Monsters of Higher and Higher Rents and the evil Landlords of Greed. 

Woman, dog and bees all agreed, and began to search high and low. 

The bees came back and reported that they had found that the woman would need to move far into the woods indeed, to find a home that she would be able to afford.

The dog came back and reported that she required a yard, garden, fence, and a path for her and the woman to take safe walks.

The woman examined her treasure chest, and realized that she was just a bit short of the amount of sparkles that she would need to make the magic of a forever home come true. She thought and thought and thought.

The bees came up with an answer. They whispered in the woman's ears that she should ask her friends for help.


Kerrie Carbary

Seattle, Washington

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