Broken, But Still Home

Our home of 26 years has seen good times and sad times, sheltered us, and protected us. My 81-year-old mom lives here with me along with the furry family members we've had through the years. It's home.

But, this home needs help. Her foundation is in need of serious repair. The floors are uneven and there are cracks in the walls. Outside, the concrete is also uneven and it worries me everytime mom goes outside to put the garbage in the bin and it worries me for me because I have osteoporosis and have to avoid tripping on things so I don't fall and possibly break a bone.

Someone suggested we sell, but it's our home. My mom planted all of the trees and created all of the landscaping in the front yard. My first dog and cat are buried near the Pecan tree in the backyard. Grocery stores are within walking distance and the pharmacy is too. A local hospital is 10 minutes away. My mom, our two dogs, and our cat are happy here and so am I.

After four estimates, the most reasonable will charge the amount I hope to raise. It was not an easy decision to come here and ask for help, but I'm not having much luck going through traditional routes. I have tried to get a cash-out refinance, but they won't give me the money until I repair the foundation--the whole reason I'm trying to get the money in the first place--and my bank's policy has changed due to COVID-19, favoring those whose mortages they service. Mine is not one of them.

I have two jobs and I know how fortunate I am to have that and we are grateful. But it's not enough to do this repair on my own. I need help so that mom and I are safe and can remain living here.

Thank you very much for considering us. Be safe and stay well.

P.S. The photo is from the perspective of some tulips we planted years ago and shows the front walkway to the door.

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