Catt & Callum's Future Home
Your presence at our wedding is your present to us, but if you are thinking of getting us something please consider contributing to our first house fund! We do have a small registry as well, but this is really the one thing that is a the top of our "married life dream goals" list!

One of our core values as a couple is creating a fun, comfortable, safe, magic-filled space for ourselves and for our friends and family when they visit. We would love to be able to do this for any new lives that we bring into our partnership as well. Arguably, the biggest barrier to Millennial home ownership is getting past that initial down-payment, so any amount you could contribute towards helping us set down roots will be so, so appreciated.

If you've ever stayed with us at our home in SLO, you know that you get the VIP treatment, so please consider any contribution an invitation to come stay with us for a weekend once we are able to buy a house! :)


Catt Hasbrook

Santa Rosa, CA

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