Chris & Sarah's Nest

Chris and Sarah are happy as could be! This little couple bought their little 1926 home in the little town of Angier, NC. They absolutely love the 5 room house they share with their dogs Cam and Spicy Ann - even with all the quirks and oddities (let's say character) that comes with an old house. 


Well, except for one thing...

The couple's first electric bill in January made it very obvious something was wrong and after some crawling around under the house, the culprit was clear: Whoever retrofitted this house for heating and air did a very poor job. The house may have been cold but the crawl space was hot! On top of that, the heat pump is 14 years old and quote rusty. 


So what is the solution? In the short term, the couple have stopped using their central heat in favor of space heaters and sealing up the house as best they can. For the long term, they are asking friends and family to consider donating towards a new heat pump and all new ductwork as a wedding gift. 


Sarah Brady

Angier, North Carolina

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