Cody and Darcy's Tiny Home!

We have a dream...a very big TINY dream! This summer we would like to construct a 8x 24 foot home on wheels.  We are very excited about the project, and love the idea of living small and keeping our posessions to a minimum, so we can focus our time and resourses on fun activities! Our tiny house would have a small kitchen space, ity bity living room, petit sleeping loft, and teeny bathroom.  Our plan is to move our tiny house to the Teton Valley, buy some land, and park it near the Tetons.  We have been planning and saving for our tiny house for about a year and could use your help financing our dream.  Any contribution would be greatly appreciated!


Due to the formatting of this website, we would appreciate if you donated anonymously online and brought us a card indicating the amount of your gift. We want to be able to properly thank people, but understand that publicly posting the gift amount is a little strange. 


Thank you so much!

-Cody and Darcy


Darcy Basque

Portland, Oregon

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