Conley Family Home

As a young family of five we have currently, and surprisingly outgrown, our current living situation. A little history to reveal is that my wife, Heather, and I have been wonderfully married for 14 years. We were smitten with oneanother ever since highschool and continue to this day. We both found jobs immediately upon graduation and married; then just a few short months later found out we were expecting. Our son, Nicholas, was born and suddenly we became a family of three. We travailed life and we worked hard in bettering ourselves, my wife chose to stay home with the newest member while I acquired a better form of work. Things were fine for a while but we always new we wanted many more children and then, the time was right. We tried and tried for another baby and finally 3 years later we had another, this time a little baby girl, Kylee. When we found out that Heather was pregnant, the doctors told us grim news, this pregnancy would be our last. This confounded us and certainly our hearts were broken, we had wanted an even larger family full of children and granchildren. This would be cut short, so we thought. Years passed and our two grew to be full of life and quite versed in sports and music, Nicholas in Cross-Country and Kylee in softball. All the while we had come to the conclusion that this was our life now and we prepared accordingly. We invested in a nice house in town and were comfortable with our quaint lifestyle, then things unraveled. Bad investments and a downturn in the economy forced us to look elsewhere for a future and we settled nicely into a new location and home. The small location was ok for the 4 of us, even though cutting over half of our living space. We were just getting settled in recently and this last summer we got the surprise of our lives! 10+ years after our news of no more children, we were expecting! We of course were bewildered to say the least. But, in the end were overjoyed with the news. We planned and fantasized about the arrival, and in the winter we welcomed a baby boy, Carter. He is the "miracle" child that we pined for, yet amid this current pandemic situation we yet again find ourselves deprived of space and funding. I am a CADD Manager for a local engineering and surveying firm and fully have the capability and tenacity to design, build and furnish a new home for my family now of 5. And alas, the one thing that I lack is the funding. If you would be so gracious as to benefit my family and I, we would be entirely indebted to your gratitude and sacrifice.


Donald Conley

Columbus, Ohio

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