Creative Coalition Production House


Dear friends -

As you may or may not be aware, Dallas is on his last deployment. When he comes home, he will be moving on from 15.5 years in army/armed security and into his more creative career. We have not been actively searching for land, but through day dreams this property has found us. We have found a way to finance the house, but it will require some repairs and we would like to put down a good chunk of down payment

The hopes we have for it are truly life changing, and not just for ourselves. Our hope is to create a save haven for creation. There is a studio on site that we would plan to create a sound stage in, an area for an editing suite/sound production, an area for metal and wood working, an area to have animals, gardens. Additionally it's 7 acres of land. Unprovisioned land. What this would mean, is we could build tiny homes, cottages, sustainable cob houses, or even Treehouses.. Provide writers/actors retreats. House production teams. Provide a location/sound stage. All within the Georgia state lines, which would allow us their film incentive. (30%) 2 hours north of Atlanta, and 2 hours south of Asheville, NC.

The first step though is where you come in. We have to get the property. We don't have enough cash saved for a sizable down payment, and we need help. This opportunity has fallen into our lap unexpectedly but we would be remiss if we didn't at least give it a solid chance.Help us to do that by helping us to gather a down payment.

We want to offer something back if you can help us to start this dream!

We have avoided using Kickstarter, as they hold funds and we want to be able to make an offer more quickly if need be. Please find below what we'd like to offer in return for your kindness 


1. A virtual tour/photo download of the property $5
2. A photo from the land/house $11
3. A photo from the land/house and KIND bar $22
5. A garden plot named after you $77
6. An animal named after you (as we acquire them) $111
7. A weekend on the property (WRS*) $2222
8. One week on the property (WRS*) $555
9. A room namedf after you $777
10. A month on the property (WRS*) $1111
11. A 3 month membership to the property (WRS transferable*) $2,222
12. Utilizing our land/woods/house/studio as a location (as available) $3,333
13. One year membership access to the property, (WRS - transferable*) $4,444
14. A structure named after you (as the need to build arises*) $5,555


**These incentives would be available as we created space to allow it. By WRS -"writers retreat style"- we mean in the manner of a hotel/b'n'b. Meals provided etc


Cassidy Ryon

Austin, Texas

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