D&D and Board Game House

My wife and I have on our property a detached garage. This building is full of junk and in need of repair. What we would like to do is turn this unused junk filled building into a table top gaming house, complete with 3d printer and a vast library of board games and books. Any individual (assuming you live in or near columbus ohio) who donates more than $500USD will be given 24hr access to the gaming house.


Remove and wall up the garage door opening.

Change the placement of the access door.

Repair and paint a faux stone floor on the concrete slab.

Add 2 additional windows.

Repair the ventilation system.

Repair and service the HVAC system.

Add a restroom.

Insulate and install drywall.

Add in faux stone wall covering.

Add in wall to wall shelving.

Repair or replac the electrical system.

Proper lighting and skylight.

Make or purchase 4 3’x6’ tables with extenders.

Make or purchaes chairs.

Install a security system with cameras.

Stock the shelves with board games and books.

Purchase a good 3d printer for making minis


Rick Barker

Gahanna, Ohio

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